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Allison Mink

Youth Performance Coach

  • B.S. in Nursing from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • A.A. in Sciences in Aerospace and Operational Physiology Instruction
  • Former USAF Aerospace and Operational Physiology Technician
  • 6-year Military Physical Fitness Trainer
  • Registered Nurse, Dog Mom, Wife, Mother, Paddle Boarder, and Beach Bum!


Allison is currently a registered nurse and has been coaching kids performance classes
since 2017. When it comes to making fitness fun and safe for the little ones, Allie is the
person made for it! With a background in physiology and nursing she has all of the keys
needed to help build the youngest CrossFitters into confident and hardworking athletes.
She is a 6-year Air Force veteran with a passion for fitness. While in the military, she
served as squadron physical training leader and was responsible for the fitness of her
fellow USAF team. Allie and her husband are both active coaches and AOP family
members. If you don’t find them at the gym, they are most likely at the beach!